Why sex is woman strong hold? Because woman does not need to struggle to live Man must have to struggle to live, woman can have right to starve to die; that how evil doer has no way to eat a g 酒肉朋友ood woman out.I disgust evil doer JungShiauLin and I have told him that I don't love him since the ve 酒店打工ry beginning immediately after he made that sucking nose down proposal to me to leave me no room to say no. He on purposely h 買屋ung me to the endless divorce process, because he himself hate Chinese title (Because he has known from the very beginning that he can cold cold hard 酒店工作tool his Chinese title to slave control all Chinese likeness, that I have no way to tool his marriage to slave control anyone else. He is evil doer, therefore, he has no 票貼 way to see that the Game God made can only deserve the Good to win, when the good has to lose, every one else must have to lose even more.), therefore, he wants me to live on that endless divorc 建築設計e hate, I just seen this point not too long ago, the difference is that point of view failed to mad me out of mind but freed me out of that hate. I disgust and I accept that I have to live along with that disgust, 帛琉 because I am too old too suck to afford to challenge (You don't challenge God, you don't need to be perfect but do the best you can afford; you challenge God, you have to make sure that you can beat perfect.) the order of God, 住商房屋and I know as long as I can please the God order, I can have right to live by myself freely, or die (That how I will die before Dec.21, 2011, because the good Ghost has no right to kill anyone less good than that good Ghost self, therefore, she cannot kill evil doe 售屋網r JungShiauLin but kill me to free me out of my jailed body in order to guard my free right that Western best said "Give me Free or Give me Death".) freely.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 室內設計  .
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